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sixfootkitten is a media production company and studio located in
central North Carolina. We don’t just build creative content, we live
for the work. Intuitive and technical behind a camera and console.

We budget, we produce, we deliver.


Post-Production Services

Edit │ Sound Design & Foley│ Post-Audio


We love collaborating with Directors and Producers during post-production. With all of your post-production team services under one roof, you can minimize time, liabilities, and the headache of file transfers, egos, and miscommunication.


Keep it simple, keep it under one roof.

Home 6FK

The Team

  • Jerod Jacobs

    Jerod Jacobs

    Producer & Founder

    Technical connoisseur who built his business one mic and camera at a time.

  • Bryan Lowe

    Bryan Lowe

    Associate Producer

    Visual story teller and Premiere Maestro. His day job is to be a dreamer and he’s living the dream.

  • Eric Avila

    Eric Avila

    3D Modeling and Animation

    One of our Swiss Army knives and dueling content creators, bringing life to sci fi adventures and balance to the 6fk Team.

  • Freddie Avila

    Freddie Avila

    3D Modeling and Animation

    A methodical thinker, content creator and Swiss Army knife here at 6FK. Tangible and digital, set piece to 3D.

The Studio


  • Workstations with Nvidia GPUs
  • Adobe Creative Cloud products
  • Fibrant internet that can be scaled up to 10 Gb/s
  • Just one mile from Historic Downtown Salisbury

Control Room

  • Workstation with Nvidia GPU
  • Pro Tools
  • Two dozen studio microphones
  • Synths for audio production

Studio / Flex

  • 2400 sq ft of flex space with 10′ bay door
  • 15′ ceilings with Studio Grid
  • Grip, Electric, and Tools
  • Three-phase power

Our facility is conveniently located in central North Carolina and can be configured to support any type of production.

Besides video shoots, the studio space is a great option for photo shoots, visual effects creation, preproduction meetings, rehearsals, foley and sound design, etc.

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We share.

Behind the Scenes with 6FK

Film Productions

Lula & Miguel

A young couple trapped in a long distance relationship, struggle to keep their love alive after one final goodbye.

Reggie: A Millenial Depression Comedy

Mitch is in an uphill battle against depression and anxiety, the biggest push of his life comes from the smallest of creatures. A miniature horse with anxiety issues and a love for soccer. Reggie

Home 6FK

Our Work

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